noun | as•cen•dants

1 A position of dominance or controlling influence: possession of power, superiority, or preeminence.



Since 1998, Ascendants has provided clients intelligent solutions that surpass expectations. Ascendants looks forward to helping you achieve your goals, whether you use our unique Search Engine Marketing and Positioning Service, our First Class Web Site Design services, or any of our Technology Consulting Services.

Most SEO Companies and SEM Companies try to place its customers into a One-Size-Fits-All marketing campaign based on an exact copy of another customer's campaign. While this saves the SEO company time and money, it restricts your business to sub par results.

Ascendants combines its history of success in the Internet Marketplace with our unique knowledge. This enables us to leverage the marketable qualities that make your business special and to achieve the maximum success for you. We focus on tuning your customer-facing messages with properly timed and placed campaigns to maximize your marketing budget with the greatest ROI. Our techniques typically return our customers an increase in business from 150% - 1000%.


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